Welcome to Andros and the complex of Spertos Apartments. The complex is situated in the small picturesque village of Korthi, in the South of the island.

Andros, an island of companions and authentic experiences, welcomes the traveler and promises hospitality while giving the possibility to reflect on the Greece of the past with the comforts of today.

It is the second largest island of the Cyclades (located only two hours from the port of Rafina) and is arguably the cultural capital of Cyclades.

Experience Andros, indulge in the magic of beautiful beaches, with crystal clear and transparent waters. Discover the inviting squares, picturesque villages with cobbled paths and freshen up at innumerable natural springs and waterfalls of Dionysus and Pytharas. Let the aromas of thyme and caper to submerge your senses, open your soul and start ...

Your journey to this place won't look like with anything else. Try local dishes and traditional products (fourtalia, kolokythoanthous, armexia, petroti, volaki) drink from the mineral water springs and return each year for your vacation on the island of Andros and at Spertos Apartments.

The complex is located just 300 meters from the beach Mylos at Ormos Korthiou and aspires to give a different touch to your vacation. It's fully equipped apartments with magnificent views of the seaside village of Korthi and with easy access to beaches Grias Pidima, Vintzi and Saint Catherine.

We look forward to offering you a relaxing holiday and all the necessary information to discover all the beauties of the island of Andros.