The Beaches

Andros island with 176 km coastline and 34 beautiful beaches, is inextricably linked with the water element. The beaches of Andros are not just for swimming – they are attractions, creations of nature and mankind.

In the region of Chora you will find on the left side Niborio beach and on the right side Paraporti while near Stenies are located the beaches Yialia and Piso Yialia. To the south of Gavrion you will find the sandy beaches of Agios Petros, Chrissi Ammos and Batsi, with sand and shallow waters. There are other beaches such as Kolona, Stivari, Agios Kiprianos and Agia Marina. Also there are very beautiful beaches in the northwest, where the road network is in good condition. The natural beauty, of course, of beaches Fellos, Zorkos, Vitali, Achla, Ateni, Peza, Leuka rewards the visitors in various ways. Enjoy the beach in Sineti with the seaside stalactites and a little farther you will find the secluded beach Lidi. To the south of Batsi is situated Paleopolis, the old capital of the island, with the sunken arm of the ancient harbour. The beach is an ideal destination for diving lovers. In Vori, the shipwreck of the Turkish vessel makes the landscape seems "industrial". The crystal clear waters are shelter for plenty of fishes and consists an attraction for those who love fishing. To the southeast of the island, one can see the Bay of Korthi, the beaches of Plaka with its clear waters, of Chalkolimniona, Apothikes, Agias Aikaterinis and the small bays of Kalamonari, Mpouro and Melissa, where you can admire the caves. In Plaka, the old stone "wires" for the boats, will revive memories of the old fishermen. In Agios Ioannis at Kremmides and at Agia Moni from the side of Korthi, you will get dusty on the dirt roads, but you will ensure your isolation and your relaxation. The beach Tis Grias to Pidima is situated two kilometres northeast of Korthi bay and is one of the most famous beaches. The tall monolith of 15 meters is the body of an old woman and keeps alive the legend: When the Turks had occupied the island, wanted to conquer the Known Upper Castle. An elderly woman along with her pregnant daughter, impersonate the helpless and asked for assistance from the enclosed Greeks of the castle. When they opened the gates of the fortress, the Turks invaded and conquered. The old lady having compunctions for the act of betrayal jumped from the hill. Destiny turns her into stone.