geographical position:
37.771445, 24.945663
37° 46' 17.2014", 24° 56' 44.3862"

Ormos Korthiou (Korthi bay), a beautiful picturesque fishing harbor, is located in the southeast of Andros, about 38 km from the port of Gavrio and 22 km from Chora (the town).

In this area you will find the villages Korthi Bay, Aidonia, Korthi, Moschionas, Amonakliou, Piso Meria, Aipatia, Kapparia, Alamania, Agia Marina, Chones, Rogo, Episkopio, Lardia, Gianniseo, Kochilou, Vouni and Sineti. A walk and an excursion to these villages will reward you.

One stop which is considered imperative is the one at the village Kapparia. It is built on wooded hillside, rich in water and there we will find many well-preserved dovecotes, sample of folk architecture. The dovecotes, which are scattered around the island, but mostly found in Korthi, are used like nests for the pigeons, but also as warehouses or homes. Others are simple and small, and others are more elaborate. It is two-storey with a square floor plan and loft. Upstairs are the nests while in the bottom are the warehouses.

In the area of Korthi 40 watermills are salvaged, which operated until the beginning of last century. Most of them are concentrated in the gully Dipotamata, while others can be found at Aidonia, Vouni or elsewhere. For the lovers of hiking, one especially interesting route is the path that crosses the Dipotamata (one gorge 7 km long between the villages Kochilou, Sineti and Vouni). If you go for it you will definitely be impressed by the dense vegetation, the arched bridges, the basins and the watermills. A natural environment which consists a refuge for many species of animals and birds.

The area of Kochilou, was the most powerful and the biggest city during the Middle Ages. In this area you will see the Upper Castle which many associate it with the castle Faneromeni, significant sample architecture of the medieval period, when pirates roamed the Aegean. In the castle you will see the impressive, well preserved, wall. The legend says that there is an underground communication with the adjacent shores of Melissa's.

In Korthi you will find extremely friendly attitude, very good food and of course the beach "Tis Grias to Pidima" (the Old Woman's Jump), whereas due to its name and its natural beauty is the most famous in the region. In Korthi Bay you will find the beach Mylos, big and ideal for lovers of windsurfing. During the summer, courses are taken place and surfboards can be rented. Other beaches are Vintzi and Agia Aikaterini which are protected by the wind.

Korthi Bay is found in the "non-tourist" part of the island, in an area untouched by the time, a region that has retained its authenticity.

The sights, the architecture, the landscape, the rich cultural wealth, the natural beauty of the island and its beaches, the elegance and simplicity of the local community, can not be captured in a website. Spertos Apartments will always be available for you in order to fulfil your own expectations, in order to help you build and frame your own image, your own Andros!